• Save money before it's spent!
  • Create discounts directly with suppliers
  • Average savings of $2,000 per traveler*

*Actual results may vary

Traveler Centric
  • Easy to use!
  • Fits seamlessly into travelers workflow
  • Implement for all or a select group of travelers
  • No emailing required
Level 5 Data
  • Enhance supplier negotiations
  • Improve budgeting reliability
  • Integrate with expense and security systems
  • Locate and assist business traveler

As Featured In

Phil Hammer, CEO of ProcureApp, named one of the 25 most influential travel executives in 2013

  • 12/02/2013

New York - The BTN Group here on Monday announced its list of the 25 most influential travel industry executives during 2013. This 29th annual listing recognizes achievements by the buyers, supplier executives, public officials and others who most influenced business travel.

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